ROBERTO HROVAL – The Lion And Phoenix

October 22, 2018

Roberto Hroval – Engineer, Innovator, Researcher, Entrepreneur and Chairman of PatentReal Company, was born in Slovenia in November 1975 as the only son in a family of 4. Expanding up, he was a extremely energetic kid in the actual sense of it.
He was curious, showed authentic curiosity and excellence in athletics – cycling and basketball, but was a lot more fascinated with engineering and innovations. He beloved to boost present objects, mix issues into some thing new, restore digital devices and create “moveable” toys – robots, design rockets, boats and so forth.

This fascination and his energetic disposition have been the bedrocks that aided him construct his best character property – technological curiosity, unwavering courage, and entrepreneurship. These a few has proven to be his three aces in the sport of life and good results.

Talking about good results, Roberto Hroval’s life appears to have been marked by outstanding achievements from a very youthful age. Ten was the age when he produced his accomplishment. This very first project was the completion of an remarkable real vehicle that could get two folks.

That was just the starting of his early successes. At age fifteen, he made a initial-class hi-fi amplifier. This amplifier which he produced in his father’s garage was such a large good results as it competed with leading brands like Sony. Even although it was 5 times much more pricey than Sony, numerous audiophiles fairly chose the former above the best brand name. Individuals amplifiers are nonetheless available in the marketplace and are useful till date.

Needing more good results and excellence, he enrolled in the Electrical and Computer Technical Higher College, exactly where he obtained much more abilities and knowledge to assist him deliver the best solutions to consumers. Throughout this time, he began his very first business – Venture ASBY.


Roberto Hroval is the founder of above 30 projects in the United States, China and EU, such as patents, modular and trademark ™ novelties. Let us start from the really starting.

Whilst studying at the Electrical and Pc Complex Large University, he confirmed interest in mechanics, electronics, computer software knowing and generation, style, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. He invested most of his nights considering, developing new tips and producing new items and only slept for three or four hrs.

At this time, his brain was preoccupied with a issue concerning vehicles, for which he wanted to proffer remedy. It was the problem triggered by the develop-up of static electrical power which triggers disagreeable shock to drivers when they contact something metallic after driving.
He discovered a simple and expense-successful solution – ASBY. ASBY is a tiny but effective eye-catching important holder, created of antistatic and molecularly-improved graphite combined with iron.
ASBY was a significantly-necessary answer and it was a large financial good results. The success of ASBY made him a millionaire… With the funds, he was able to create some other small but effective projects. There have been about 22 of this kind of tasks.

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